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SaaS Updates for January 25, 2017

BetterCloud Monitor

January 25, 2017

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Google¬†announced new controls to help protect your domain’s email reputation from SMTP relay abuse. Currently, Google already notifies super admins¬†if a user is abusing the SMTP relay service to send spam or malicious emails. But after¬†February 6, if Google still detects abuse after 24 hours, then it will automatically suspend the user from sending messages.

Office 365: Microsoft announced several new capabilities in OneDrive for Business, like the ability to sync all your files across PCs and Macs, simplified file sharing in and outside of your organization, and more.

Box released a new version of Box Notes, which includes a new Box Notes experience from the browser and a new desktop application for Macs and PCs.

DocuSign announced a new update to its integration with Dynamics CRM. This update includes features like custom buttons, workflows, anchor tags, merge fields, and more.

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