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SaaS Updates for May 5, 2016

BetterCloud Monitor

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Mobile devices are becoming more and more intelligent each day. Microsoft has a new smartphone that predicts your next move with hover gestures, and Google Slides has released a mobile integration that allows you as an audience member to submit questions without having to raise your hand.

Microsoft Made a Smartphone That Reacts Before You Even Touch It – The ultimate smart device does exactly what you want before you to tell it to. It sounds like an impossible expectation, but Microsoft brings us one step closer to that fantasy with a prototype smartphone that can detect and react to hover gestures before you even tap the screen.

You Can Now Ask Questions About a Google Slides Presentation Without Having to Raise Your Hand – Google Slides has announced a new Q&A feature that allows audience members to ask questions about a presentation with the use of their computers, Android devices, or iOS devices. When a presenter or slide deck owner has shared the file with you, you can submit questions and vote on questions already asked. The presenter is notified of the questions and receives the questions in a ranked order of what the audience wants to hear about most.