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SaaS Updates for May 13, 2016

BetterCloud Monitor

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Microsoft has rolled out a bevy of new updates and features recently. It introduced a new tool to help resolve common Office 365 support issues, and Outlook 2016 for Mac is getting a new editor as well. Google Calendar is also getting an update in its day and week views.

New Tool for Helping Resolve Office 365 Issues – The Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 is an easy-to-use app that asks you some simple questions, tests for some of the most common Office 365 support issues and attempts to implement resolutions on your behalf. While the current version is focused on some the more common scenarios people encounter with Outlook, the Support and Recovery Assistant will gain new troubleshooting and resolution capabilities in the future.

New Editor Coming to Outlook 2016 for Mac – Enhanced formatting support has been one of the most frequently requested improvements in Outlook 2016 for Mac. Today, we are laying the foundation with the new editor and will continue to build on this work in future updates, including support for Tables.

See Event Locations at a Glance with Google Calendar on the Web – Google Calendar on the web is getting an update today: event locations will now appear in the day and week views. Instead of needing to navigate to an event’s details in order see the event location, the event location will now appear on your calendar, when there is enough space available.