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SaaS Updates for June 28, 2016

BetterCloud Monitor

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In a new update to the Google Admin console, admins can now audit end user SAML events. Microsoft published a roundup of recent Office 365 news. Zendesk rolled out 15 new Zendesk apps and integrations, and Slackbot can answer your basic questions about using Slack.

Audit End-User SAML Events in the Admin Console – In the Google Admin console today, you can track the creation, modification, and deployment of SAML applications by Apps administrators (under Reports > Audit > Admin). With this launch, you can now audit end-user events as well: successful SAML login and failed SAML login. You can see the audit trail on these events under Reports > Audit > SAML in the Admin console.

Office 365 News Roundup – Several announcements over the past couple of weeks show how the Office 365 Team consistently works to provide opportunities for you and your colleagues to get involved with Office 365 in ways that will benefit you and your business.

15 New Zendesk Apps and Integrations – Zendesk welcomes a range of new apps to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace that includes sentiment analysis, ticket creation from popular messaging apps, new integrations with CRMs, and a host of handy tools that allow you to do things like export ticket data, undo unwanted changes to a ticket, translate Help Center content, take a quick snapshot of your agents’ ticket counts, and more.

An Easier Way to Get Help Using Slack – You may recall your first encounter with Slackbot, the friendly virtual assistant that helped set up your account. Now, Slackbot can also answer your basic questions about using Slack. The next time you need help — and would like to avoid interrupting a coworker or posting your question in a channel — ask your question in a direct message to @slackbot instead.