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SaaS Updates for April 27, 2016


April 27, 2016

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As April is wrapping up, Microsoft is announcing several new and exciting features for Yammer and Windows 10 users. Additionally, YouTube has more policies in place to allow Google Admins to control what videos and channels are available.

Containing the YouTube Pandora Box – YouTube is a wonderful Google App that is filled with practically any type of content you may want to find. However, there, are many situations when it’s important to control which videos are accessible and which videos are not. Now Google Administrators are able to whitelist YouTube channels. You can also choose between two levels of Restricted modes; strict or moderate.

Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 Preview for PCs with Office 365 Search in Cortana – Microsoft announced the release of a new Windows 10 preview build for people in the fast ring of the Windows Insider Program. Build 14332, which follows build 14328 from last week, comes with several feature improvements and bug fixes, and it also marks the beginning of the previously announced “Bug Bash” to uncover new software issues.

Introducing Yammer to External Groups – The Yammer team is passionate about helping people work effectively in teams across their company. But collaboration doesn’t stop at the company boundary. Sometimes you need to work closely with customers, consultants, partners or suppliers outside your organization. Yesterday, Microsoft announced the new external groups feature in Yammer, enabling you to include people outside your company in a Yammer group—making it easier for extended teams to work together.