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Our Take on the New Compose Gmail Experience

BetterCloud Monitor

October 31, 2012

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compose new email feature in GmailYesterday, Google announced a new update to the compose email feature in Gmail. This update is designed to save users time and screen space when composing emails. The new compose feature, which opens what looks like a larger Google Talk window at the bottom of your inbox, allows you to compose messages while replying to others or searching your inbox and even lets you compose multiple messages at once. So far, we’re loving the new feature.

However, some of our favorite features are missing, like Gmail Labs’ Canned Responses and Email Labels. Luckily, Google notes that these features and more should be making their way to the “new compose” soon.

Another update we’d love to see is the ability to open an existing email as you would with a “new compose” style message. Google could replace the pop-out feature with this functionality or simply add a button to open a message in “new compose.” It would also be great if Google allowed you to toggle (using ‘tab’) between messages you’re composing and Google Talk windows.

What do you think of the new feature?