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Introducing BetterCloud Flight School, an Immersive Learning Experience

Dan Gualtieri

August 2, 2022

4 minute read

FlightSchool Featureimage

Two years ago, BetterCloud held its first ever Administrator Fundamentals class. We ran it with a small class of five people and for a first try, it went really well.

In the time since that first class, Administrator Fundamentals (or AdFun, as we like to call it) has become very popular with our clients. In fact, we’ve had sell-out crowds at each session! To date, over 400 students have completed the course and are making a demonstrable impact on their organizations through a zero-touch IT mindset.

Still, it quickly became clear that the traditional instructor-led format of AdFun didn’t meet the needs of many of our customers. Some prospective students are based in EMEA, others are only free during off-work hours, and others are just looking for tips on very specific parts of the platform. 

These are just a few reasons why we’re excited to announce BetterCloud Flight School.

What is BetterCloud Flight School?

BetterCloud Flight School is an immersive learning experience that’s both 90s-themed and gamified. As of today, all BetterCloud training offerings will be under the banner of BetterCloud Flight School.

The course previously known as Administrator Fundamentals and the new Welcome Aboard class will be part of our instructor-led Flight School courses, where you can “fly together” with others looking to master the ins and outs of BetterCloud. However, if you’d like to take classes on your own time or aren’t able to attend the Instructor-led classes, you can “fly solo” with six different free self-paced Flight School courses.

The self-paced courses include:

  • BCFS | OVR: An Overview of BetterCloud’s Capabilities
  • BCFS | ULM: Automating User Lifecycle Management
  • BCFS | SEC: Securing Your Files with BetterCloud
  • BCFS | DIS: Utilizing Discover
  • BCFS | EXT: BetterCloud’s Extended Capabilities
  • BCFS | EXM: Administrator Exam Prep 

What does this mean for you?

You can attend paid, instructor-led training or self-paced training under the Flight School branding. It’s a themed, immersive training experience covering our most common use cases. Additionally, you’ll get on-demand access to course materials, a deeper understanding of BetterCloud’s integrations and actions, and rewards to acknowledge your hard work.

If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a neat-looking image that outlines the benefits of Flight School:

These self-paced training courses are free. You can complete each class in less than and hour—and each class within those lessons will take you less than five minutes. Our goal through these offerings is to enable IT professionals like you to become SaaSOps experts by gaining product knowledge and industry use cases, whenever you can fit it into your schedule.

What makes these self-paced courses fun?

During the self-paced courses, you’ll take on the role of Jordan Better, a SaaSOps Admin at a company called BetterLabs. Jordan looks something like this.

You’ll put yourself in Jordan’s shoes as you walk through activities and solve real-world use cases with a simulated version of BetterCloud. We designed it to feel a lot like a classic, 8-bit video game. Each course you complete will get you closer to earning some BetterCloud swag, including the items below.

Just by completing your first class, you’ll earn a BetterCloud first class t-shirt. As you continue through your courses, you’ll earn more swag.

Showcasing your achievements

You’ll earn your stripes (or badges) for completing each of the self-paced courses in BetterCloud Flight School. For example, completing our course on user lifecycle management will earn you a BetterCloud Pathfinder badge.

How do I get started?

To get on board (see what I did there?), click here to enroll in BetterCloud Flight School. If you’ve already signed up for our training site (for example, you’ve attended Welcome Aboard or Administrator Fundamentals), you’ll be able to sign in with your existing credentials.

However, if this is the first time you’re taking a course with BetterCloud, you’ll be able to sign up for an account by clicking the Sign In button at the top-right of the page. You can also get started by selecting the class you’d like to take, then clicking the Register button.

You are cleared for takeoff

We’ve been building BetterCloud Flight School all year, and it’s a concept we’ve wanted to implement since we created our Customer Education team. If you love the courses, please let us know. If you have any feedback to help us improve, don’t be shy about sending those thoughts our way as well.

We want this to be an incredible experience for anyone who wants to learn about what BetterCloud can do. Please do not hesitate to fill in the optional form at the end of each class, or email us directly at

Enjoy the journey!