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The Path to Google Drive Enlightenment

David Politis

January 30, 2013

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Google Drive provides incredible tools for collaboration in the cloud, but as with any new technology, there are new challenges. To understand these new challenges, we’ve talked to hundreds of FlashPanel customers around the world. We’ve listened to the issues they’ve run into and learned about the kind of visibility and control they need to be effective at managing their domain’s use of Drive. Some customers have told us about their goals of getting rid of Microsoft Office, while others are looking for the ability to monitor and taken action on potential Drive exposures.

Through these conversations and BetterCloud’s own use of Google Drive, we’ve discovered best practices for operating in the application. We hope our learnings enlighten you and encourage your organization to go further with Google Drive.

Follow the decision tree below to gain Google Drive enlightenment.

[iframe src=”″ width=”785″ height=”1430″]

This decision tree was made using Lucidchart. To find out how we use Lucidchart in other areas of our business, visit our guest post on the Lucidchart blog.