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"This book is amazing—it will be incredibly useful for many IT and security professionals. I wish I’d had this book years ago." —Andy Schwab, author of Ultralight IT: A Guide for Smaller Organizations

While SaaS is revolutionizing the way we work, collaborate, and communicate, it's also creating unprecedented challenges for IT teams. Controlling Your SaaS Environment is the first text to fully outline how IT must rethink management and security in the modern workplace.

This book was created by synthesizing insights from interviews, surveys, and conversations with thousands of IT professionals over the last three years. It introduces the SaaS Application Management and Security Framework™, the first framework of its kind, which proposes innovative solutions to key challenges that IT professionals are facing in SaaS environments.

By reading our book, you'll:

  • Learn best practices for IT on holistically managing, securing, and supporting modern workplace technology
  • Envision what an "enlightened" state of IT would look like when the framework is fully executed
  • Connect the framework to real-life news stories and data
  • Explore the range of solutions for executing the framework

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