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Introducing the FlashPanel Blog, Your Go-To Resource for FlashPanel News, Tips and Admin Best Practices

BetterCloud Monitor

February 12, 2014

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Today I’m very pleased to announce a new editorial outlet specifically geared towards current and prospective FlashPanel and Google Apps administrators: the FlashPanel Blog. Several months in the making, the FlashPanel blog will serve as the ultimate resource for IT administrators using FlashPanel to manage and secure their Google Apps domain.

Rest assured, the BetterCloud blog will continue to feature high-level Google Apps and cloud thought leadership pieces from our CEO, David Politis, as well as company milestones, customer news and industry events from yours truly. The FlashPanel blog is simply a better way for BetterCloud to communicate with Google Apps administrators using FlashPanel on a much more regular basis.

In addition to the FlashPanel blog, we’ve also launched a Google+ page and Twitter handle specifically for FlashPanel so be sure to follow both to say up to date on the latest feature and product news.

We’re very excited to launch the FlashPanel Blog and look forward to continuing to provide the best Google Apps related content on the web through our three outlets: BetterCloud, FlashPanel and Google Gooru. Happy reading!

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