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Delegating Access Control for Google Apps Management

BetterCloud Monitor

September 12, 2012

3 minute read

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At BetterCloud, FlashPanel helps us manage our Google Apps domain in dozens of ways. Just last week we used FlashPanel to rename and repurpose the accounts of our summer interns and the Apps Butler’s broadcast feature helped us inform the team of an upcoming building fire drill.

We’re certain there’s an endless number of management tasks that can be quickly and easily accomplished with FlashPanel, so each week we’ll share one example of how FlashPanel is making the lives of our users easier one task at a time.

How are you using FlashPanel? Let us know if the comments section below or send an email to

Access Control and Group Management

FlashPanel’s Access Control feature allows super administrators to grant certain permissions to other non-super admin users. One specific use case would be allowing a receptionist or administrative assistant to manage group memberships.

To enable Access Control for Group Management, visit the Settings tab at the top right corner of FlashPanel.

FlashPanel Settings

After entering Settings, select Access Control.

FlashPanel Access Control

Once in Access Control, click the gear icon at the top right to create a new role.

Create new Access Control role in FlashPanel

Then title the new role – in this case Group Management – and give the role a description – Allow receptionist to manage groups.

Naming a role in Access Control in FlashPanel

Once you’ve successfully created the role, you can set the level of access this role will be granted. To do so, expand Permission Settings. Since we only want to grant access for Group Management, uncheck all other features (Users, Org. Units, Tools etc.) and select Groups in the Directory portion. Since the receptionist should only be allowed a certain level of access, it’s best to deny “Delete” group access.

Setting access role permissions in FlashPanel

Now that you’ve created the new Group Management role, it’s time to assign the role to a specific user, or in this case, the company’s receptionist. To do so, scroll to the bottom of the Permission Settings and under the Users tab, click Add a user now.

Add a user to a role in FlashPanel
Enter the email address of the user you wish to grant Group Management access to – in this case, our Office Receptionist, Holly Sumner and hit Save & Set Permissions.

Adding the user to the role in FlashPanel

Congratulations! you’ve successfully set Group Management access control for your receptionist. To make sure the access role was set up correctly and applied, visit Holly Sumner’s user profile page and select Tools. You should notice that Holly now has access to Group Tools as per your Group Management access role.

Confirming an access role in FlashPanel
Are you using access control for your domain? Tell us how!