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Complete Guide to Google Drive Sharing

There are many ways to share Google Drive files. With this guide, you’ll learn the ins and outs of sharing permissions, gaining the knowledge you need to keep data secure.

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If You're Not Doing Acceptance Test-Driven Development, You're Not Really Agile

This article is based on a webinar from our VP of QA, Adam Satterfield, hosted…

8 min read
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Our Chief Strategy Officer Talks Cloud Vision, Millennials, and Siberian Huskies

When it comes to mastery of the enterprise IT landscape, few people can touch Michael…

5 min read
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Welcome to the New BetterCloud

Today’s an important day at BetterCloud—the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history….

David Politis
4 min read
Google Drive Security

Introduction to Google Drive Security

The thought of storing sensitive documents in Google Drive may be daunting, but when done correctly IT can keep data secure and deliver massive bottom-line benefits.

6 min read
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FleetPride – A BetterCloud Case Study

Founded in 1999, FleetPride is the largest independent distributor of aftermarket heavy-duty truck and trailer…

4 min read

Event: NYC February Google Apps Meetup

When: February 3rd, 6pm Where: BetterCloud office, 14th floor, 330 7th Avenue, New York  Insider…

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the shadow strikes

Shadow IT: If You Can't Beat 'Em…

If you’re an IT administrator, take a moment to think like Linda from Legal. Sure,…

3 min read
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