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The Role of IT: How the Shift to the Cloud is Creating Agents of Innovation

What’s required from IT professionals grows hazier with each passing year. The shift to cloud IT is redefining roles and responsibilities and ushering in a new era of IT professionals.

David Politis
8 min read

11 OneDrive for Business Tips for Boosting Adoption and Creating Power Users

Struggling to increase OneDrive for Business adoption? There are tactics Office 365 IT admins can use to spark adoption, turning naysayers into power users. Here are 11 of our favorite.

6 min read

63 Resources to Take Your Cloud IT Admin Skills to the Next Level

Looking to learn more about managing your environment? Here is the most exhaustive list of educational resources for cloud IT admins on the BetterCloud Monitor.

5 min read

Case Study: Why Columbia Association Replaced CloudLock with BetterCloud

Columbia Association (CA) is a nonprofit service corporation that manages Columbia, MD, home to approximately…

3 min read

Enhancing Email Security: Stop Sender Fraud with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

We all hate spam, but when it puts your organization’s data at risk, it becomes more than just a passing nuisance. Stop spoofers by implementing SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

11 min read
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12 Vital Answers to Cloud IT and Google Apps Security Questions

Going beyond the out-of-the-box security built into the tools you use is essential, especially for core cloud applications. Explore how you can better secure your environment with these best practices.

8 min read
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Evaluating Auditing, DLP, and Compliance for Google Apps

Interested in learning more? Check out our Introduction to Google Drive Security   Data loss…

6 min read
active alerts

July Release Notes: BetterCloud for Office 365 Adds Account Settings and Email Customizations, Mailbox Forwarding Alerts

We just released another set of new features and updates to BetterCloud for Office 365,…

BetterCloud Monitor
2 min read
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Google Apps vs Office 365: Comparing the Usage, Adoption, and Effectiveness of Cloud IT's Power Players

The Office 365 vs. Google Apps story is just beginning. The data we’ve collected will help provide insights into where the platforms–and their customers–stand today.

David Politis
11 min read
maximize productivity google drive

15 Ways to Maximize Your Productivity with Google Drive

Even if you use Google Drive every day, there are likely a few tricks you haven’t mastered. Here are 15 great ways to kick your productivity into a higher gear.

7 min read