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An IT Professional’s Guide to Smarter Business Travel

The idea of going offline for an IT person just isn’t the same as it is for the rest of us. Costly breaches and down times can disrupt major business processes in a split second. Preparation and planning are key. In this quick guide, BetterCloud Director of IT Tim Burke shares his favorite tips for a successful business trip.

4 min read
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Here’s How IT Helped Reinvent the Brand Behind This Growing Company

It’s not every day that a company transforms its identity, but when it does, IT plays a central–and often overlooked–role. Find out how Upserve’s IT Operations Leader Adam Codega managed the brand evolution of this growing startup.

7 min read
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Why I Miss My Data Center and Why I’m Never Going Back

I’ll admit, I miss it. I miss the quiet humming. The cold air. The erratic flashes of a thousand blinking activity and link lights. It’s been just over two years since I stepped inside a data center, and I’m growing pretty nostalgic.

5 min read
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Here’s Why 2016 Marks the Beginning of the Golden Age of IT

We’ve reached a tipping point. IT is no longer a cost center. Now, IT professionals are impact players for every modern business, and that’s part of the reason why 2016 is the start of what we call: The Golden Age of IT.

David Politis
4 min read
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Google and Microsoft's Battle for the Enterprise: How Users Are Interacting With SaaS Applications

Google and Microsoft, two of the world’s biggest companies, are battling to win in the workplace, but which company has the upper hand? Our latest Trends in Cloud IT research offers new insight and data about the budding saga.

6 min read
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Growing Pains: Latest Research Shows IT Struggling to Meet SaaS Application Demand

Once they have ’em, they can’t get enough. Explosive demand for SaaS applications leaves IT scrambling to meet the demands of their end users.

5 min read