The BetterCloud Monitor and the Apps Show Join Forces to Supercharge Your Productivity in G Suite

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Google for Work and put our heads together to select a few awesome add-ons for you. These will boost your productivity across G Suite, allowing you to get a lot more done in less time. Watch the latest episode of the Apps Show and read the article to learn more about our recommendations!

Staying Organized: Tips for Naming Your Google Drive Files

You probably don’t give much thought to how you name your Drive files, but given how many documents we use every day, your files can quickly get messy and lost if you don’t have a good naming convention in place. Here are some tips for creating your own naming conventions so that your Drive files stay neat, organized, and easily searchable.

3 Useful Automation “Recipes” for Google Apps

IFTTT (which stands for If This, Then That) is a free service that uses simple “if this, then that” statements–i.e., “if this happens, then take this action”–to automate common tasks. You can use these “recipes” for lots of apps that you use on a daily basis. Here are three automation recipes you can use for Google Apps.