Forrester Research Publishes Best Practices Report on SaaS Operations

In this report, Forrester interviewed IT leaders from some of the world’s largest companies to understand the current best practices for mastering SaaS operations. As a result, it does a great job describing the current IT landscape and the key challenges organizations face around multi-SaaS environments. We encourage you to read the full report, but let’s explore a few of the takeaways from the report.

Beyond Access: How to Secure Your Users’ Interactions with BetterCloud

The rise of user mobility and SaaS application adoption have drastically changed the landscape for access and security: More people are accessing more resources from more locations and more devices. Organizations must ensure that all users around the globe—whether remote employees, customers, partners, or contractors—can securely access data and protect applications anywhere.

SaaS Operations Management: BetterCloud Pioneers a New Market (451 Research Report)

Today we are thrilled to see 451 Research validate the rise of a new IT market category: SaaS Operations Management, or SOM. We’ve seen hundreds of cloud-forward companies create the new IT function of SaaS ops because we have reached a tipping point with SaaS. Learn more about what this new IT market category means, and where it fits into the SaaS management reference architecture.