Enabling Remote Work? BetterCloud Can Help

We’re seeing an unprecedented shift to remote work, which brings new challenges for IT. Here are a few easy ways BetterCloud can help IT enable remote work, so you can keep your employees productive and secure. We hope these tips can help you build a successful, secure remote work culture that withstands crises and beyond.

Product Tip Tuesday: Schedule Employee Offboarding Through BetterCloud & G Suite

A recent post in our BetterIT community got us thinking here at BetterCloud: How could we get our users scheduled offboarding without the use of Okta or Zapier, sticking only with Google and BetterCloud? In today’s Product Tip Tuesday, we’re providing instructions on how you can set up offboarding via a Google Sheet, an Apps Script, and BetterCloud. This allows IT admins to set an employee’s last day as their offboard day, specifying down to the hour when offboarding should occur.