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Product Tip Tuesday: Discover Who Your Files Are Shared With

For most people, sharing business documents with a personal email address is done for the sake of convenience, without thinking twice. However, this practice is a headache for IT and security teams who need to know where all their company’s data is and who has access to it. BetterCloud gives you visibility into what G Suite, Dropbox, and Box files are shared with personal emails and allows you to put an end to it. Let our Product Tip show you how.

How BetterCloud Is Building a Platform for SaaSOps Professionals

Our Chief Product Officer Jim Brennan and Product Manager Richard Floyd hosted a webinar to show you around BetterCloud’s brand new Integration Center, define SaaSOps and its role in the modern workplace, and begin your initiation into the BetterCloud community. Check out our article for the highlights.

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Workflows with Wait for Approval

While BetterCloud has been many IT admins’ go-to solution for automating onboarding and offboarding, what happens when a process-as-written requires some input from an end user, a manager, HR, or another internal stakeholder? With BetterCloud’s Wait for Approval action, you can now request approval or rejection from a user within your directory to run the remainder of your workflow.

5 Ways We Use BetterCloud at BetterCloud: A Love Story

At BetterCloud (the company), we—unsurprisingly—use BetterCloud (the product) quite a bit. We have almost 40 workflows that handle everything from onboarding and offboarding to data loss prevention (DLP), notifications, and incident response. Brian Farrell, IT manager at BetterCloud, highlights five ways we’ve started using the Platform API and Integration Center internally at BetterCloud.

Reduce Waste: How to Automatically Reclaim Unused SaaS Licenses

Many organizations are unaware of how much money they waste on unused SaaS licenses—until they start manually reviewing the last time a user was active on a given platform. That’s why we announced BetterCloud’s new automated license management functionality at Altitude last month. 

bettercloud altitude 2019 recap

Altitude 2019 Recap: SaaSOps Is a Thing

Altitude 2019 was our biggest and best customer conference yet. But it was pretty unique this year—there were a lot of firsts. If you missed it, here are nine key highlights and takeaways.

Anatomy of the Perfect BetterCloud Offboarding Workflow

Our customers frequently ask us what the perfect offboarding workflow should look like. With that in mind, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to build a complete offboarding workflow in BetterCloud, plus a few extra tips and best practices.

Announcing the SaaSOps Stars of 2019

As part of its support for the growing SaaSOps movement, BetterCloud last week hosted the SaaSOps Stars Awards, the first awards ceremony to recognize outstanding SaaSOps practitioners. Winners included ten individuals and teams who, through their SaaSOps practice, helped their companies scale, increased productivity, decreased friction, strengthened security, achieved greater compliance, protected users and data, or otherwise took initiative and significantly improved the lives of users.

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New in BetterCloud: 5 Features Announced at Altitude 2019

Last week at our annual Altitude conference, Chief Product Officer Jim Brennan made some exciting announcements during his product keynote. He was joined on stage by members of his team and customers alike to deliver some huge wins for the BetterCloud community. Here’s a rundown of the new features launched at Altitude.