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8 Google Apps Admin Communities You Should Join


February 25, 2014

4 minute read

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Any Google Apps admin knows that Google is regularly rolling out updates and adding new features to its existing suite of products, and though this evolution is welcomed and exciting, technical changes also mean changes to the way we work. By following and contributing to the forums profiled below, engage with colleagues in the Google Apps space who are sharing tips, tricks, and best practices, upcoming feature releases, and industry news. And of course, for even more don’t forget to follow BetterCloud on Google+!

Google+ Communities

Google Apps Administrators
Description: Described as a “Community for Google Apps Administrators around the world to collaborate and share knowledge,” this is a place for Google Apps admins to ask for advice, tips, and recommendations from peers, as well as to discuss news and updates within the field.
Member count: ~750
What to expect:
Both experienced and new Google Apps administrators
Articles and relevant links on Google Apps administration topics
Advice, suggestions and solutions regarding products and third-party apps
Events, webinars, and training information
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Google Apps for Education
Description: Google Apps for Education is a community for educators and IT staff using Google Apps in a school environment. Perhaps the most prolific community, contributors share advice and how-tos on topics unique to the classroom, like using Apps Script to grade assignments and preventing cheating while encouraging collaboration. The instructional material is top notch (as you might expect from educators!)–the GAFE community offers support and resources in order to facilitate learning and learn from one another.
Member count: ~27,000
What to expect:
Educators, Google trainers, and IT administrators at schools and universities
Lectures, training, and other events
News on progress in the field
Advice on mobilizing the use of GAFE
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Google Apps Scrip
Description: Centered around Apps Script, which is a “JavaScript cloud scripting language that lets you extend Google Apps and build web applications,” the community contains coding troubleshooting, Q&A, and tips and tricks for anyone from experienced developers to Google Apps enthusiasts who are just dabbling in Apps Script. Anyone using Google Apps can benefit from using Apps Script due to its web-based editor and tight integration with the entire suite. Several Google engineers are active in the forum, as well, providing expert advice and facilitating
Member count: ~4,300
What to expect:
Apps Script experts, Googlers, developers
Case studies, discussion, Q&A, tips
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Google Groups

North America Google Apps User Group
Description: With members including IT admins from some of the largest organizations using Google Apps, this group is very active and collaborative one. An open forum where admins often raise questions about Google services, specific use cases, and suspected outages, colleagues and Googlers are quick to jump in and contribute. While this specific group is intended for those located in North America, there are similar groups available to admins all over the world. View the full directory of regional Google Apps User Groups here.
Note: Google Apps User Groups are transitioning to Google Enterprise Connect (GEC), home of many other resources and discussions. Request access to GEC via this form.
Member count: ~1,300
What to expect:
Experienced admins from the largest Google Apps domains, from enterprises to universities
Product and service questions, specific use cases and discussions
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Best Practices – Google Apps for Business
Description: Described as being “a group for technology professionals who are working at any level with Google Apps and associated technologies.” Members can share and discuss ideas, ask questions, share experiences and further the knowledge of other group members. LinkedIn is most-used for networking, which involves both sharing information and promoting one another- being connected through a group specific to Google Apps lends focus to opportunities involving Google Apps.
Member count: ~830
What to expect:
Employees, managers, directors, and founders of tech, IT, or cloud-based companies
SMBs to enterprise organizations
Networking and discussion

Google Apps Discussion
Description: Described as a “group for people interested in Google Apps and moving existing applications over to Google Apps.” As well as for “people interested in developing Enterprise Solutions using Google Apps.” This is another place to network, discuss, gain knowledge and exposure. Getting things done is always easier when you’re sharing information and promoting each other’s work and ideas as a unit. That’s what this community is for–joining forces who agree that Google Apps is the way to go.
Member count: ~7,800
What to expect:
Admins, advocates, and third-party providers from startups to corporations who use Google Apps in the workplace
Best practices sharing
Related articles and product news
Networking and discussion
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System Admins: Google Apps

Description: A discussion board for administrators migrating to or using Google Apps in their organizations. Anyone can subscribe and participate in the discussion. Threads that are the most popular or have the most responses can be voted up in importance or relevance and will be moved up on the page, giving subscribers to the group easy access to the information that they find most useful.
Member count: ~63,300
What to expect:
General discussions about migrating to Google Apps in an organization
Suggestions regarding Google Apps backup, security, and management
Product and vendor reviews
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Stack Overflow

Google Apps
Description: A community of more advanced admins and developers, this forum is a stream of technical questions that are direct and to the point, not inviting long discussion or extended interaction as in many other information-sharing communities. Great for someone looking for a specific answer, and quickly, Stack Overflow’s Google Apps forum is a good option to seek or fulfill that. Similar to Reddit, good answers can be voted up to appear at the top of the page, making it easy to find the best help.
Member count: ~940
What to expect:
Q & A, information on Google Apps migrations and troubleshooting
Technical, specific lingo
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