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Online Panel Discussion Recorded on March 18

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Explain Like I'm Five:
GDPR Updates & CCPA

Data privacy expert 
Jodi Daniels explains it all 

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Successful Unicorns

An online panel discussion with IT experts from the front lines of hyper growth

BetterCloud Discover

With the addition of Discover, BetterCloud is the first all-in-one SaaSOps platform that enables IT to discover, manage, and secure all the SaaS apps across the business—all from one place.

Jim Brennan

With more than 21 years' experience in the development and management of tech solutions, Jim leads BetterCloud's product development, product operations, and product design teams. 

Prior to BetterCloud, Jim served as VP of Product Management for IBM's Security Ops & Response portfolio, and led the product team responsible for infrastructure security services at Dell SecureWorks.

Peter Bilali

As Director of Product Strategy, Peter is responsible for driving the long term product strategy and bringing new initiatives to market.

Peter started at BetterCloud in 2013 as a Customer Success Manager. After two years and countless meetings with customers, Peter moved into product management, where he's led and grown the team, and now serves as Director of Product Strategy.

Chief Product Officer, BetterCloud

Director of Product Strategy, BetterCloud


How IT can revolutionize the digital workplace with automation


An interactive chat about CCPA, the privacy risks of remote work, and more!

It’s mailbag time! This AMA, held in Sept 2020, features two data privacy experts tackling the security compliance questions on everyone’s mind. GDPR/CCPA advisor, Jodi Daniels, and BetterCloud’s Security Compliance Manager, Ife Davis, highlight IT security and data privacy challenges, particularly related to the distributed workplace.

Businesses today use an average of 80 unique SaaS apps. That’s a 5x increase in just three years, and a 10x increase since 2015.

This trend has major implications for IT, including lack of a clear picture of all the apps in use, lack of insight into redundant apps, inability to track SaaS spend and over-licensing, and finally, no real insight into the access that third party apps have to your data.

Now, IT and security teams can leverage one platform to:

SaaS sprawl is a massive administrative and security problem. BetterCloud customers already using Discover have been quick to see benefits—some pretty surprising:

Improve Operational Efficiency

With the addition of Discover, BetterCloud is the first all-in-one SaaSOps platform that enables IT to discover, manage, and secure all the SaaS apps across the business  all from one place.

Reduce Security Risks

Increase Visibility & Insights

"Before deploying BetterCloud Discover, we anticipated that our employees were using about 100 applications on average. After roll-out, we found it was closer to 350, which was astonishing. This level of insight not only opened up dialogue so we can better understand what our employees need to stay productive, it also helped bridge the visibility gap of working remotely."

Eric Stermer

Sr. IT Manager, Infrastructure & Support

"BetterCloud’s new Discover feature is the type of resource that every IT organization should have. It builds upon the platform’s existing strengths for managing your SaaS apps, giving you more opportunities and abilities to manage the apps you knew your company is using, as well as helping identify those that you may not have known people had connected before."

Steve Galinsky

Sr. Systems Engineer

“BetterCloud Discover really enables us to see all of the applications connected to our environment—including ones that we probably didn’t know were there before. It helped us figure out where there are redundancies and inefficiencies in app usage, and will be a great start to let us manage our apps and licenses going forward.”

Lukasz Bobek

Group IT Operations Manager