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End users want to use best-of-breed applications at home, how will IT respond? And will shadow IT become obsolete? How can IT unlock the full potential of their SaaS apps?

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Online Panel Discussion Recorded on March 18

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Anthony Ancheta

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David Politis

CEO, BetterCloud

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We cover:

The future of end user productivity & collaboration

How IT Will Shape the Future of Workplaces 

Your leadership team came to you in a hurry, saying “make remote work happen.” 
The final stages of a decade-long move to SaaS were compressed into just a few weeks. Months later, companies are assessing the future of the workplace 
and the evolution of collaboration.

One thing is guaranteed: IT’s seat at the leadership table is secure. So what’s next?

BetterCloud’s CEO and Dropbox’s CTO share their visions for IT shepherding in a new era of frictionless work

The future of your physical & digital workspace

Will the office still be the center of productivity? What are the advantages of being in an office vs. being at home? Will SaaS environments become even more heterogeneous in the future?

How can companies become more secure and at the same time become more flexible to allow everyone to be more productive? Is invisible, guardrail security the future?

The future of SaaS security

30 min discussion with polls and audience questions addressed at the end.

About the Speakers:

David Politis

David Politis is the founder and CEO of BetterCloud, the leading SaaS Operations Management platform. David’s entire career has been dedicated to improving the modern workplace through innovative, next-generation cloud (SaaS) technology. His extensive industry experience and thought leadership give him unique foresight into the future of cloud management and security, allowing him to predict industry trends years before anyone else. He is a long-time contributor to TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat, and Forbes, where he writes about topics like enterprise cloud technology, cloud computing, and entrepreneurship. He has been featured in The New York Times, the BBC, CIO, Fortune, and more.

Bharat Mediratta

Bharat is the CTO and SVP, Platform at Dropbox where he oversees technical Infrastructure, ITS, Security, and Developer Platform. In addition, he also leads the teams response for New Frontiers and the HelloSign Line of business.

Bharat has decades of experience as a technical leader at global scale. He was a distinguished engineer at Google for 10+ years, recipient of multiple Founders’ Awards, and responsible for re-architecting Search. He later became co-founder and president of AltSchool, an education tech company. 

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David Politis


Bharat Mediratta


David Politis & Bharat Mediratta are two IT visionaries who predicted the explosion of SaaS a decade ago. Now, they discuss their predictions for the future of the IT, your digital and physical workspaces, SaaS security, and more.