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What are Google Apps Extensions?
If you’re familiar with Google Apps, you’ve likely spent some time exploring the Google Apps Marketplace. The Marketplace, which acts as the clearing house for all Google Apps Extensions, allows domain administrators to search for, discover and purchase software add-ons or extensions for their Google Apps domain.

Much like Chrome extensions, Google Apps Extensions are Software-as-a-Service applications developed by third-party providers that create customized Google Apps experiences for administrators and end-users alike. Extensions provide a wide range of features, spanning from security and compliance, to project management, to user management and more.

What Google Apps Extensions does BetterCloud Provide?
BetterCloud, the industry leading provider of applications that extend and enhance Google Apps, currently offers two Google Apps Extensions, DomainWatch and FlashPanel.

DomainWatch addresses crucial security and compliance concerns by giving Google Apps administrators visibility into and control over their domain’s critical assets including Docs, Sites and Calendars. With auto-scans and an easy-to-read dashboard, DomainWatch allows admins to set policies on the user, organization, unit and domain level, monitor for policy violations and correct these violations in a timely manner before real damage can be done.

FlashPanel, soon to be in beta, provides IT administrators with a superior level of control over their Google Apps domain. With a powerful corporate contacts management suite and the ability to update user profiles, reset passwords, bulk reassign documents and more, FlashPanel will make working with Google Apps a seamless and user-friendly experience.

How to install Google Apps Extensions on Your Domain
Installing Google Apps Extensions on your domain is very simple. IT administrators can access the Marketplace from inside their Gmail inbox. Click the “More” tab and choose the “Find more services” option in the drop down menu. Once in the Marketplace, search for and install the desired Google Apps Extensions.

For more on how to use the Google Apps Marketplace, see our blog post, “An Introduction to the Google Apps Marketplace.”