What is the Google Apps Control Panel?

If you’re the domain administrator for your organization’s Google Apps account, you’re likely very familiar with the Google Apps Admin Console, formerly called the control panel. The Google Apps Control Panel allows administrators to manage all Google Apps services from one central location, including user accounts and email lists. The Google Apps Control Panel also gives you the ability to monitor email activity statistics, customize the look and feel of your Google Apps domain and reset user account passwords.

BetterCloud and Google Apps Control Panel Actions

Although the Google Apps Control Panel gives domain administrators certain management capabilities, its user interface can be difficult to understand and complicated to use. BetterCloud not only presents existing Google Apps domain security and management capabilities in an easy-to-use dashboard, but the third-party application also provides added management functions not available in the Google Apps Control Panel. Such features include the ability to delegate and audit email inboxes, bulk remove group memberships, manage shared contacts and create standardized email signatures.

How to Install and Use BetterCloud

Once you’ve registered your domain with Google Apps, installing BetterCloud is simple. If you’re the domain administrator, you can install and access BetterCloud here. BetterCloud is based on a freemium model, with all basic features included at no cost and additional charges for added Pro and Enterprise functionality. Once you’ve installed the application, you will be taken through a series of steps to configure BetterCloud. Shortly after, BetterCloud will be automatically populated with your domain’s data and you can begin managing users, groups, and Org. Units.

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