Best Practices For Software-As-A-Service Operations,

SaaS operations is more crucial than ever

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In this recent report, Forrester Research outlines the growing need for a more sophisticated approach to SaaSOps. Forrester interviewed IT leaders from some of the world’s largest companies to outline best practices 
for mastering SaaS operations in multi-SaaS environments. 

  • Industry best practices for onboarding and offboarding (and everything in between)

  • 25 ways you can start proactively 
    securing SaaS data today

  • 16 valuable career skills to find or grow on your IT team

  • 9 crucial topics for end user training

  • 10 essential components to SaaS 
    management and security

a Report by                          Research


Strive for highly automated and iterative SaaS operations

SaaS sprawl and variable usage mandates cost management and optimization

IT leaders recommend a cloud center of excellence to tackle SaaS operations

It is a remarkably good time to invest in SaaS. But as SaaS adoption accelerates, there’s an urgent need for a consistent set of operational practices to manage your best-of-breed SaaS environment. 

For IT teams looking to discover, manage, and secure their SaaS applications, this new study proves the value of the highly automated and iterative tooling that BetterCloud offers.