Third-party applications installed by your end users can potentially pose a massive security risk to your domain. Each application requests its own set of permissions that grant access to your domain’s data in different ways. Using BetterCloud, you can search through all of the applications your end users have installed, as well as the permissions those applications have requested.

  • In the Apps section, click “+Filter”
  • Click “+Filter” and select search criteria
  • Click “Filter” to see only applications that match that criteria

Use Cases

Search through the applications on your domain for a specific application that is being used. Then look through the number of users on your domain who are using that application and determine the risk to your domain’s security.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What permissions can a third-party app request?

BetterCloud allows you to filter by the following permissions that an app can request: Drive – read/write, Directory – read/write, Email – read/write, Domain – read/write, Account – read/write, Other – read/write.

What should I look for when evaluating a third-party application?

There are several things to check when determining if an app is approved on your domain, such as the vendor’s security certifications and reputation, the application’s reviews and reputation in the Marketplace, and the permissions the app requests. Make sure that based on the functionality the app provides it needs all of the permissions it asks for, and nothing additional.

How can I revoke an application?

BetterCloud allows you to whitelist and blacklist certain applications. Adding an application to the blacklist will revoke its access to your data and prevent users from using the application any longer. Consider letting users know when you do so and why you deemed the app unfit for your domain.

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There was a spreadsheet we found through BetterCloud’s Drive Audit that contained the SSN and employee ID of everyone in the company. It made me wonder what else we could be missing.

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