It is important to know how the Google Drive files on your domain are being shared. Using BetterCloud’s Drive Audit feature, you can view sharing permissions of all of the Google Drive files on your domain and search for files by their sharing permissions. This is essential to keep track of for any security conscious Google Apps admin.

  • In the Drive Audit section, click “+Filter”
  • Select “Shared with*”
  • Enter an email address
  • Click “Filter” to see only Drive files that are shared with that email address

Use Cases

If you suspect a user is sharing sensitive Drive files with their personal email address, you can search for documents that are shared with that email address and then take appropriate actions if true.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see externally owned Google Drive Files that are shared with users on my domain?

Yes, externally owned files will show in the Drive Audit, but they are view-only and you cannot edit their sharing permissions within BetterCloud.

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There was a spreadsheet we found through BetterCloud’s Drive Audit that contained the SSN and employee ID of everyone in the company. It made me wonder what else we could be missing.

Will Hume
Systems Engineer @ Columbia Association | Read the case study