Google Calendar goes beyond just tracking your meetings each day. Secondary calendars can be used to track project due dates, vacations, and much more. Using BetterCloud’s Calendar Audit, you can search through all the primary and secondary Google Calendars on your domain to see who owns them, with whom they are shared, and their exposure levels.

  • In the Calendar Audit section
  • Click “+Filter” and select search criteria
  • Click “Filter” to see only Calendars that match that criteria

Use Cases

If your domain has a Google Calendar for tracking employee vacations, you may want to ensure that calendar is shared with the HR department.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I allow all users to view the calendars of their coworkers?

To simplify scheduling, most organizations choose to share all users’ calendars with everyone in the domain. To do so, navigate to Google Apps > Calendars > Filter by Calendar Type > Primary. Then, select all calendars from the grid > Edit Permissions > Change Sharing Settings. Change the settings to Share with domain.com > Allow domain.com to see full event details.

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There was a spreadsheet we found through BetterCloud’s Drive Audit that contained the SSN and employee ID of everyone in the company. It made me wonder what else we could be missing.

Will Hume
Systems Engineer @ Columbia Association | Read the case study