Google Calendar Resources are used to track utilization of your company resources such as conference rooms and shared tools. Using BetterCloud, you can view and search through all of your Calendar Resources to see what is being used by your employees.

  • In the Calendar Audit section
  • Select the Resources tab
  • Click “+Filter” and select search criteria
  • Click “Filter” to see only Calendar Resources that match that criteria

Use Cases

Do employees in your organization complain about overbooked conference rooms? Use the calendar resource utilization data to see which rooms are actually being used, and how often, and then work with employees to shift utilization accordingly.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a new calendar resource?

Navigate to Google Apps > Calendars > Resources > Create a new resource. Fill in the resource details, such as building location and capacity, and then create the resource to allow users to begin booking it.

How is resource utilization calculated?

Calendar resource usage is calculated based on a 40-hour work week and the percentage of the time the resource is booked.

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There was a spreadsheet we found through BetterCloud’s Drive Audit that contained the SSN and employee ID of everyone in the company. It made me wonder what else we could be missing.

Will Hume
Systems Engineer @ Columbia Association | Read the case study