BetterCloud enables you to audit your domain’s Google Drive files and view documents owned by a specific user on your domain. Ensure that all Drive files are owned by the correct user and take necessary actions such as transferring ownership of files.

  • Enter the domains, groups, org units, or users whose Drive files you would like to audit
  • Select “Owner” in the Condition section
  • Select the ownership settings for which you would like the audit to scan (“is owned by” or “is not owned by”)
  • Enter the email of the owner
  • Enter the email of the user to whom you would like to email the results
  • Name the audit
  • Click "Save and Run"

Use Cases

Find all team files that are not owned by a specific team manager and then change the ownership settings of those files so they are owned by the manager.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I automatically change the owner of a document?

Yes. To automatically change document ownership of a document in violation of a sharing policy, navigate to Drive > Drive Sharing Policies > Create a policy. In step 2, under Additional Settings > Auto-Compliance, check Change Doc Owner. Here you can you choose the email of the user you wish the documents to be reassigned to.

UP NEXT: Automatically Transfer File Ownership

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There was a spreadsheet we found through BetterCloud’s Drive Audit that contained the SSN and employee ID of everyone in the company. It made me wonder what else we could be missing.

Will Hume
Systems Engineer @ Columbia Association | Read the case study