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App Discovery in God Mode

Elevate your game with IT-focused automation and workflows that increase efficiency, security, and—dare we say it—happiness.

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BetterCloud is the leading SaaS Management Platform (SMP) that enables IT professionals to discover, manage and secure the growing stack of SaaS applications in the digital workplace. With an expanding ecosystem of SaaS integrations, thousands of forward thinking organizations like Zoom, Walmart, and Square now rely on BetterCloud to automate processes and policies across their cloud application portfolio.


SaaS sprawl is a massive administrative and security problem. With BetterCloud, you can automate discovery of every SaaS app—sanctioned or unsanctioned—in your environment. You’ll get a complete picture of critical apps, and their assets and users, by learning about the interactions taking place among them.

  • Identify wasted SaaS spend in minutes

  • Uncover the invisible and eliminate shadow IT

  • Regain control of your ever-expanding SaaS environment

Before deploying BetterCloud Discover, we anticipated that our employees were using about 100 apps on average. After roll-out, we found it was closer to 350, which was astonishing. This level of insight not only opened dialogue so we can understand what our employees need to stay productive, it also helped bridge the visibility gap of working remotely.



- Eric Stermer, Sr. IT Manager

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User Lifecycle Management at Warp Speed

With BetterCloud, you can automate employee onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between. With the Integration Center, connect to all your SaaS apps and go full robot on mundane, repetitive tasks that are both soul-destroying and error prone.

  • Simplify ULM from hours to seconds

  • Create seamless employee onboarding and collaboration experiences

  • Manage your SaaS, not your browser tabs

The implementation of workflows has a profound effect on tasks that were once manual and time-consuming. In addition, the reporting and auditing tools provide IT with more precise control over company data.



- Eric Amlie, Director of IT

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File Security for Maximum K/D Ratio

When it comes to SaaS file security, you can’t secure what you can’t see. And visibility into the entire SaaS environment—including all users, all files, and all applications—is a growing concern. With BetterCloud, you can keep data safe by creating optimal policies, monitoring your environment, and automatically remediating any potential threats.

  • Scan data and get alerts for file sharing, sensitive data, and risky permission settings across every SaaS app in your environment

  • Create a security posture that empowers—not overpowers

  • Manage compliance and security audits with confidence

With BetterCloud, I don’t have to choose between saying no to our employees and putting the organization at risk. There is a third way that offers both security and freedom of choice.



- Emanuele Sparvoli, Head of IT

Learn more about automating file security with BetterCloud.

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