Interactive E-Solutions

Employees: 20
Founded: 2000
Industry: Technology

“BetterCloud’s email monitoring tool is much simpler than the same tool in Exchange.”

Brandon Foreman
President and CEO

From Hosted Exchange to Google Apps

Interactive E-Solutions made its name setting up thousands of companies on hosted Exchange. With numerous data centers spread throughout the country and over 2,000 customers nationwide, E-Solutions is an expert in hosted solutions. But just this year, 12 years after the company was founded, E-Solution’s visionary leader, President and CEO Brandon Foreman, made the bold decision to provide and promote a true cloud solution to his clients and move his entire company to Google Apps.

Despite the work that would go into transferring not just their customers, but also their own IT to Google Apps, E-Solutions focused on the vast cost savings and robustness of the suite that would ultimately lead to happier customers and staff. From E-Solutions’ standpoint, “Google Apps products are bottom line better” and the company is “all in” with Google.

Saying So Long to the Control Panel

After years on Exchange, managing Google Apps would be a transition for Brandon, his team and the domains E-Solutions manages. Mr. Foreman’s ultimate goal was to transition managed domain admins out of the Control Panel and found installing BetterCloud, with its “friendly interface” was the easiest way to achieve this goal.

Simplifying Day to Day Management

BetterCloud has made managing both internal and customer management needs much simpler for E-Solutions. The company has made use of BetterCloud’s entire suite of features, but loves the Email Monitoring tool in particular, which he finds “a heck of lot simpler” than the same tool in Exchange. Email Monitoring works on the back end to examine a user’s inbox and E-Solutions has found the tool’s capability to maneuver behind the scenes invaluable.

Beyond Email Monitoring, Mr. Foreman has found that in general, BetterCloud’s functionality makes it possible to close support tickets for managed domains with just one helpdesk call.

And as for cost savings? BetterCloud is helping E-Solutions there too. Mr. Foreman’s hosted Exchange clients employ a “ridiculously expensive” control panel and with the company’s transition to Google Apps, BetterCloud will help cut costs even further.

For Mr. Foreman and his team, BetterCloud has “optimized” the entire Google Apps experience.