Together, BetterCloud and Okta provide organizations with a strong policy management solution to securely authenticate and automate configuration, settings, and data governance within mission-critical SaaS applications.

Benefits of Using the Okta Connector

Improved security by automating the entire user lifecycle process

Reduced resolution time with automated policy enforcement

Enhanced visibility to create a more secure environment

Employ Comprehensive Offboarding Policies

Pairing BetterCloud with Okta automates the entire offboarding process across SaaS applications, taking actions like transferring a user’s files, blocking email forwarding, and waiting a set duration of time before deleting licenses. By retaining critical data and fully eliminating access to it, your organization safeguards intellectual property and complies with regulations.

Enforce Security Policies with Automatic Remediation

BetterCloud continuously monitors your SaaS environment for policy violations, such as users downloading an excessive number of files or failed logins. When a policy violation occurs, BetterCloud can automatically remediate the threat in the affected SaaS application, or trigger action in Okta to suspend the user’s access to all applications.

Customize Your Response to Critical Security Events

When significant events occur in BetterCloud or Okta, IT can choose how they’re alerted and build custom response plans that trigger automatically. BetterCloud’s alerts offer context into the user or object that violated a policy, allowing IT to precisely respond to potential threats such as login failures and elevated entitlements.

Save Money by Retaining Unused Licenses

BetterCloud gives IT teams the essential tools to save money on Otka licenses. During automated offboarding, BetterCloud retains a user’s crucial data before reclaiming their license. BetterCloud also stores last login data across applications, allowing IT to proactively contact users who aren’t using the applications, and delete underutilized licenses.

What is BetterCloud?

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