Cheat Your Way to IT Success With Zero Touch Automation

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  • How to evaluate SaaS apps in four stages
  • 45 questions to consider when choosing a new app
  • A spreadsheet template to keep your process organized
  • Bonus: 6 things to look for in a secure SaaS vendor

What does compliance mean for IT? And how do you achieve it in the digital workplace?

Learn how IT and SaaSOps professionals can conquer compliance in the era of SaaS.

What's inside the guide:


IT is under an incredible amount of pressure to spend more time on strategic initiatives and less time on repetitive manual tasks. The problem? They’ve been asked to do so with limited resources—and experts agree that automation and a zero-touch mindset is the future of IT. 

In this ebook, we’ll show you how automation can increase your IT team’s efficiency and maximize your investment in the top SaaS applications. We’ll also unlock “cheat codes” that will jumpstart your zero touch IT journey, including:

Every time you add a new application to your cloud-based environment, your offboarding process gets significantly more complicated.

  • How to onboard and offboard employees more efficiently by using triggers to kick off your BetterCloud workflows

  • How to create extensions in BetterCloud to reduce manual work for IT

  • How to take create bespoke workflows that meet your unique business needs with Custom Triggers in BetterCloud

Cheat Your Way to IT Success With Zero Touch Automation