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OCTOBER 19-23, 2020

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Security Starts With


Discover all of the applications that are running within your environment, including risky third-party apps brought in by users.


Before deploying BetterCloud Discover, we anticipated that our employees were using about 100 applications on average. After roll-out, we found it was closer to 350, which was astonishing.” 

Eric Stermer, Sr. IT Manager,
Infrastructure & Support at Trojan Battery Company

BetterCloud Discover can show you:

How many applications are in your environment and which applications are potentially risky

The number of third-party applications existing in your SaaS environment, and those with elevated permissions 

In-depth reporting on both sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS apps, and departing and high-risk users

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Introducing BetterCloud Discover

Businesses today use an average of 80 unique SaaS apps. That’s a 5x increase in just three years, and a 10x increase since 2015. Learn how Discover gives IT & security teams increased visibility and insights to combat this growing sprawl of apps, users, and data.


5 GIFs show the power and potential of Discover (spoiler: you can see which apps were added to your environment via OAuth).

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Managing and limiting the risks of unauthorized SaaS applications is a tall order. Here are a few steps that you can (and should) take immediately.

Why app discovery matters (in a few quick reads)

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With the addition of Discover, BetterCloud is the first all-in-one SaaSOps platform that enables IT to discover, manage, and secure all the SaaS apps across the business—all from one place. 

Get a personal demo and learn why companies like Zoom, Walmart, and Square use BetterCloud to centralize and automate SaaS operations.

BetterCloud’s new Discover feature is the type of resource that every IT organizationshould have.” 

Steve Galinsky, Sr. Systems Engineer at Blue Apron

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From app discovery to access privileges, grab this essential IT guide to ensure compliance and secure the SaaS environment.