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If you can’t already tell, we love Google Apps at BetterCloud. So it was a natural extension for us to launch a resource site where we could publish the tips and tricks that we share in our offices every day. What started as a fun side project is now the largest resource of its kind for Google Apps customers, and an important division of BetterCloud.

Whether you subscribe to Gooru’s daily newsletter, attend one of our Admin training sessions, or simply head to the website when you have a question, we’re confident you will learn at least one new tidbit from the Gooru.

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View the Gooru’s Gmail Video Collection

When you get started with Gmail, it’s pretty easy to figure out how to compose messages, read messages, and in general survive in your inbox. But Gmail offers so many powerful ways to manage, automate, and clean up your inbox that many people don’t take advantage of, and these techniques can save you serious time in your day to day life.


View the Gooru’s Admin Video Collection

If you’re just starting out as a Google Apps Admin, you really need to make yourself familiar with the Control Panel. The Google Apps Control Panel is where all domain management and admin tasks take place. Also make sure to check out our Recommended Support Resources for Admins.


View the Gooru’s Docs Video Collection

While most people get started with Gmail, they often later fall in love with Google Docs. Real-time collaboration, access from any browser (complete with offline editing), granular access control, and automatic file saving (and revision history) are just a few of the benefits of Google Docs. Google Docs is a very intuitive productivity suite, but behind that simplicity lies a host of powerful features that everyone should know about.


View the Gooru’s Drive Video Collection

Drive allows users to easily create, edit and store a number of file types and access them from any device with an internet connection. For most users Google Drive is their first experience with cloud storage, so some instruction is often needed.


View the Gooru’s Spreadsheets Video Collection

Google Spreadsheets have come a long way since they were first released, and have become a legitimate competitor to Excel. The extensive list of functions stacks up nicely, while real-time collaboration and automatic file saving (and revision history) really sets Spreadsheets apart. Switching from a traditional offline application like Excel is no easy task, as some users have trouble adjusting to the cloud. On the other hand, some people make the transition seamlessly, and are just looking to get the most out of Spreadsheets.