Google Apps Glossary

Whether you’ve recently migrated to Google Apps, or you’re a seasoned expert, staying abreast of the hundreds of updates Google makes to Apps each year can be challenging. And without a solid knowledge of the basic Google Apps terminology, exploring the platform can be utterly impossible. That’s why we’ve provided an extensive Google Apps glossary defining key terms you’ll need to understand when operating in this ecosystem.

Google Apps Security – Our management and security tool for Google Apps, FlashPanel, provides useful tools that allow you to monitor and control the security of your Google Apps domain.

Google Apps Backup – Though the cloud offers many, many advantages to on-premise systems, like collaborating in real-time, without multiple versions of any given document floating around as email attachments or desktop files, an unintentional move to the trash means the document is lost forever. Google Apps guards against data loss due to system failure, but accidental deletion by users is still a major concern. Use a Google Apps backup tool to guard against this problem.

Domain & User Management – Depending on the size of your organization and the extent to which you and your users use Google Apps, managing the system in an effective and efficient manner can be difficult. Third-party management applications, which allow for the creation of groups, users, organizational units and more with a few clicks can add ease to managing a Google Apps domain.

Management Tools – Our third party management tool, FlashPanel, offers a variety of tools to make your Google Apps domain run more efficiently. Start managing your company’s emails, documents, users, organizational units and more today.

Google Apps Migration – Google Apps Migration can refer to the migration of a legacy on-premise messaging environment to Google Apps or the migration of one Google Apps account to another in the case of mergers or acquisitions. Depending on the scope of the migration, obtaining assistance from a Cloud Service Provider may be beneficial.

Google Apps Security Resources – Although Google Apps provides a secure computing environment, hardware that has access to your Google Apps account may be lost or misplaced. It is therefore important to add layers of security like two-factor authentication. You may also want to install a third-party security tool, which gives oversight into how Google Docs are shared within and outside of your domain.

Training and Support – Our passion for Google Apps has led us to create a detailed and elaborate archive of videos and tutorials for your convenience – all for the soul purpose of  ensuring a smooth transition when you decide to “Go Google”.

Google Apps Ecosystem – In order to better understand the Google Apps ecosystem, it is important  familiarize with its general terminology.